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The HostItCheap.com Reselling Program is unlike any other hosting reselling program on the web. You may find that many other hosting companies will require you to establish so many number of accounts at regular prices before your eligible to resell their services. In addition, many providers may even require a set-up fee up to $100 to allow you to
be an authorized reseller of their services. Once you have established one or both of these requirements, you'll probably only receive a discounted percentage of their regular service plans. This system is confusing and not very profitable. However, we are proud to say this is not the case with our provider. HostItCheap's intentions are not to confuse or frustrate you - this is why we have devised a reselling plan like no other!

Now this is the revolutionary part of our reselling program - HostItCheap.com has no requirements for resellers. Absolutely none! Since we sell our hosting plan at such a low, discounted price with so many untopable features we can pass the same price to our resellers without any investing. You don't have to worry about the expense of top-notch servers, bandwidth, software or licensing fees. We provide all this for you. We only suggest that our resellers have experience with all the major web authoring languages and programs as well as a good understanding of back end development in order to better serve your own customers.

Our reselling program offers all the features of our low cost hosting plan that can be branded to the specific needs of your own company. All of our reselling partners are assigned a dedicated account manager to help guide them in their initial steps of creating their own online hosting presence.

What's Included:

  • brandable control panel available (5 plan minimum)
  • your own name servers
  • live, online management of reseller account
  • dedicated account manager
  • static IP addresses available per request
  • 24/7 reseller support
  • no investment required
  • no set-up fee
What are the requirements to become a reseller?

NONE! We have no requirements because we offer our hosting plan at wholesale prices. However, you need to have at least 1 hosting plan with HostItCheap to be applicable as a reseller. register for hosting service | view plan

What are the discount rates for resellers?

Since HostItCheap.com is an established low cost hosting provider, we sell our hosting plan to each reseller at cost - $5 a month per account with no set-up fee.

How much should I charge my customers?

Any price from five dollars and up! Since our hosting plan offers so many features, especially unlimited access of many key features and a Unix shell account, we would suggest a fair, competitive retail price to be in the $10 - $25 range.

Who bills my customers?

You, the reseller bills your clients directly. We bill you for each plan under your reseller account and you then charge your customers at your given rates. We accept all forms of payment from our resellers.

I'd like to charge my customers by credit card. How do I?

In order to charge your clients by credit card you will need a merchant account. HostItCheap.com can provide you with a merchant account and online credit card processing with one of the country's top credit card processors. Click here to learn more.

Who provides customer support for my customers?

Resellers are obligated to provide all support for their clientele.

How do I add additional plans to my reseller account?

As a reseller, you will have live, online access to your account which will enable you to add/edit/update all of your hosting plans.

What are "name servers"? And how will they benefit me?

A name server is a server running multiple websites with unique domain names/IP addresses. As a reseller, we can brand you your own name server so it will appear to your clients that their websites are running on your own machine, not HostItCheap's. For example, when your client looks up a Whois on their domain name they will see ns1.yourdomain.com rather than ns1.hostitcheap.com. This can be beneficial if you wish to become an outsourced hosting company

What do you mean by "brandable control panel" and what will it enable me and my clients to do?

We offer a control panel (click here for demo) that includes over 60 features that you may bundle in to your own hosting packages. For resellers that have at least 5 hosting plans with HIC may "brand" the control panel to represent their own hosting identity (i.e. it would appear as Yourhostingcompany.com instead of HostItCheap.com). In other words, you can have your own control panel "skin". Cpanel allows your customers to be more self-sufficient in managing their own websites.

How does the online management system of my reseller account work?

The online management system of your reseller account works exactly like (or rather it is) the Account Manager. It allows you to add/edit/update/cancel your plans, customer and billing information live, online any time you like.

If I need a static IP address for a customer I need to request it?

Yes, at this time HostItCheap only issues static IP addresses to customers/resellers by request. We limit 1 IP address per plan. To request an IP address email support@hostitcheap.com with your username/reseller id and justification for address.

How do I gain more customers as a reseller?

Firstly, we suggest that you create your own web page listing your prices and your plans if you don't have one already. Once you have established your own online presence you need to market yourself. Just like the real world, the Internet is one very large place. You should submit your site into all the major search engines - you can do this very easily through our control panel. You may then want to go to the hosting directories and submit yourself to these sites. Please keep in mind that these are just suggestions, not a basic summary of an online marketing campaign. We do want you to be as successful and prosperous as possible because your growth correlates to our own! If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Dept.

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